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Welcome to our website. Here you will find a list of unique plugins made exclusively and entirely by our team. We support developers and those who respect our work so we invite you to our Discord server to have a chance to talk to us and become acquainted!

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Our projects

Below you will find a list of our biggest projects so far.

Kitsune Cases

Our biggest project so far: Kitsune Cases is a plugin that simulates CS:GO case opening, community market, trading and a lot more. It is currently used by more than 10 servers and these are growing day by day!

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Nowadays AIs are taking over simple and more complex stuff so why not make one for CS:GO too? Tomori is an AI plugin which handles most of ordinary things on an server going from auto-replies, advertisments, tags, country-filter etc. *BIP* *BOOP*.

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A base plugin made for Jailbreak servers. However, this plugin is a remake of another Hosties plugin made by Databomb. This project is stable but it will be rewritten for the second time for better optimization and performance.

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Real time statistics on our projects. The list below represents our improvement in time and the people and resources we've gathered.








Trusted Clients


Testimonials from members of our community.


In my experience so far, it knows what it should know perfectly and without errors. Case Management is easy to use and to understand. Clear and user-friendly interface in the game. The player feedbacks were positive without any exception so far.




I used another case system too, and I have to say that this one knows a lot more on some level. (What I was very surprised about is that it has so much protection) Constantly coming up with updates, anytime I asked for help I got an answer right away. The whole system is easy to configure. (at least for me compared to the other case system.) Our ideas almost always added by Entity so I have to say that it was totally worth to change.

Ben Taylor



In fact, we’ve been using it for a few months now, you could say since the beta. There was no problem with it, even if it was, we immediately got terribly quick help. The system is fast, does not take up much space, and is easy to use. A special commendation for that there is a trade-ban feature for admins, so we can remove scammers more easily. The developers at Kitsune have also helped a lot, I can only recommend them. If anyone is thinking of a case-system, he is in the best place.